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We are women supporting women who support conserving our public lands, protecting our hunting rights, and managing wildlife for us and future generations to enjoy. 


More About Us

Creating a Community

She Hunts Montana was founded by two outdoor adventure devotees, Megan Thrash and Tawnya Gilstrap. Upon meeting in college and discovering that we both had a fierce love for the outdoors, a friendship was unavoidable. Our afternoon jaunts to the woods after class quickly turned into entire weekends spent in the hills, sleeping in wall tents and chasing anything hoof or feather. 



"It was mild fall day at hunting camp when we came up with the idea for She Hunts Montana, mostly on a whim with no real destination in mind. The freedom and creativity to whatever we wanted was limitless; so we became determined to provide a space, a community, where women can meet like-minded women for a cause. We strive to bring women together to preserve our wildlife and hunting rights. We are dedicated to doing our part in wildlife conservation, protecting our gun & hunting rights, and promoting our public lands by providing quality products that you can wear proudly and know you, too, are protecting our shared passion for the outdoors!"

We are currently proud members of Montana's Bowhunters Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and the National Rifle Association. This was made possible thanks to your purchases! Let's add more to the list! 

Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages to become a part of the community. We look forward to meeting you! Hunt hard, apologize to no one, and look good doing it!

The Gals

Tawnya Gilstrap



I am a Montana native, having grown up in a small ranching community in southwestern Montana. I was exposed to hunting and fishing at a very young age.





Upon moving to Bozeman for college at MSU, I had less time to do the things I had grown to love. I became more purposeful will the time I spent outdoors and used it wisely.


I graduated from MSU in 2015 with a biology degree. Since then I have been working in the medical and dental fields. I still go back to my roots for my free time, fly fishing all summer, chasing deer and elk in the fall and shed hunting come spring. I have two dogs that tag along on my adventures. When I'm not outside, I like to bake, tend my houseplants and craft. I'm so excited to see how our shehuntsmontana community continues to grow!

"My youth was filled with nights at hunting camp with my grandpa, frigid mornings laying in wait for whitetails with my mom, chasing mountain lions with my dad and even running my very own trapline."

Megan Thrash


I grew up camping, boating, and horseback riding. I achieved a bachelor’s of science degree in Fish & Wildlife Management at MSU, & began working for the Forest Service while finishing my degree. Since then, I have been a Forest Service employee as a range, weeds, fish, wildlife, & plants technician. Nature at the ecological level is what I am most passionate about.


Among my favorites, I love to hunt ducks, deer, elk, & turkey (which were mostly self-taught and learned from some amazing people); and I love to fish for whatever species is available (but my favorite is the Westslope cutthroat- go native species!).


I recently got engaged to my best friend Jared & we are now busy planning a wedding for next year! I have a 3 year old paint colt horse I started training this year, & 2 dogs (one is a yellow lab pup who has proved to be natural duck hunter!), & 2 cats. My family and I live in the northwestern part of Montana, where I thoroughly enjoy all the lake, garden, horse, & mountain time - sometimes all in one day! 

"When I’m not in the woods for surveying & maintaining our public lands, I love most everything outdoors."

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